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Thus, it is bad. Too much conformism, however, leads to stagnation and inertia. Growth demands transformation and crises. Crises are periods of dynamic activity starting with a radical feeling that the forms one has taken for granted are not necessarily right, they may mean bondage. The better is nearly always the enemy of the good.

Above all, the consciousness of being an autonomous person, self-reliant and free to make decisions, is something that can come only out of sharp contrasts, of division. Contrast means duality : this opposing that, I myself and some other person. It implies relationship of sharp, inevitable character: you are related to the person you hate as well as to the person you love. This brings us to the most basic of all astrological aspects: the opposition.

The usual way of explaining the genesis and meaning of these astrological aspects is to show how they are produced most of them at least by the division of a whole circle into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. However, we should realize at once that when we operate in such a manner, the basic aspect is the opposition.

The conjunction is not, then, the first and primary type of astrological relationship — as you cannot divide the circle by one! The conjunction is the last aspect possible. We might say that it is the result of dividing the circle by if we think of a conjunction of two planets as being exact within one degree. Aspects mean, I said previously, relationship. The first relationship is that in which you suddenly face something: you and that other entity which you do not know but which you must look at and upon which you must pass some kind of judgment.

Will it help me or hinder me; is it friend or foe? The result of any such confrontation is awareness. You become aware of what is facing you. Awareness changes into consciousness from con , together, and scio , to know when you have established some sort of rapport between the other and you. Before the confrontation occurred, you were "the whole show.

The problems of relatedness are intruding upon your feelings, your thoughts; they will grow ever more complex. The world, once it begins to be divided in two, keeps dividing, just as the fecundated ovum in the mother's womb keeps dividing, each cell becoming two. Whenever we deal with life energies and with living organisms division in two is the rule, because what we call life or the life force is fundamentally an interplay between two polarities — and the same is the rule, because what we call life or still more cosmic or universal, and as yet unknown, power which transcends both electricity and the life force.

But there is also a realm of activity in which division by three is the activating principle. It is the realm of the formative mind — the realm of ideas, of logic, of planning and organizing. The basic type of relationship in that mind realm implies a threefold kind of activity, a relation between three factors.

As the whole circle is divided into three equal parts, an equilateral triangle is formed. In this article, however, I am dealing with the process of dividing by two and by powers of two: 4, 8, This process liberates energy.

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It does so because, when you are confronted by some other entity, you must not only be aware of it as fully as possible, but you must also act in relation to it: you may go toward it in love or run away in fear. Even if you should freeze in hostile or puzzled attitudes, this also means action of a sort, for you have to make a deliberate effort to be absolutely still it is a negative kind of activity.

Let us use again as an example Mars and Saturn. If Mars is in opposition to Saturn in your birth-chart, the desire to go out eagerly or forcefully toward some experience faces within you the will to security, the desire to become firmly established as a strongly entrenched ego in your own well-defined place in society. Each of these two pulls must learn to be aware of the other and to acknowledge its right to existence. They must come together in terms of some mutual understanding, which involves discussion, interaction and the play and byplay of attempts at harmonious relationship — or perhaps in terms of insoluble conflict and inner warfare, which is also a type of relationship, only a negative and destructive one.

The awareness of each other comes first; the discussion, argument, compromise, agreement to cooperate or internecine warfare — all modes of activity and interplay of energy will follow. If some agreement is reached so that you are ready to go out in your eager desire to feel, love and conquer others Mars , but only after due consultation with your Saturnian sense of stability and "not-too-far-please," then the next problem is how to make that combination of your Mars and Saturn energies work out satisfactorily.

The two have agreed to cooperate; but how are they going to divide the tasks ahead in terms of actual operation?

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With this problem we come to the meaning of the square aspect. The field of your total personal activity has been divided in two by the Mars-Saturn agreement to cooperate; it must now be further divided in two in order to plan precisely for and to solve the problems of joint action.

Thus, the two becomes the four. The line becomes the surface with its four cardinal points. Consciousness which has generated energy through the interplay of relationships becomes focused by means of a plan and a procedure for effective concrete action.

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It is to this kind of activity that the square refers essentially. But there may not have been agreement between the two opposite functions or pulls of desire within you! The argument may lead to war. Then the two opposite powers will have to fight it out on some kind of battlefield.

Sesquiquadrate, Sesquisquare & Trioctile in Astrology

The fight and the battlefield, and all the strategy of the commanding wills, can be said to be characteristic of the square. The first deals with the establishment of a procedure and schedule for cooperation and the building of a foundation on clear ground; the other refers to a state of affairs in which, neither of two opposite forces having decided to compromise and agree, the squaring operation digs graves for dead fighters rather than foundations for a building in which cooperation would have been the basis for culture and all-inclusive mind processes.

But we must go one step further. What does such a type of relationship signify? When two armies which have been maneuvering for attack actually come to grips and shoot at each other, or when the steam-shovel put in place for excavating, as the building of foundations is starting, bites the dirt which it is to remove — this means engagement.

There has been a confrontation opposition aspect ; it has led to an active interaction between the confronted powers; now the inevitable results of this interaction, be they constructive or destructive, are released. The dynamic forces are engaged , for the sake of greater living or for death; there is no going back — the business has started in earnest. In some cases, indeed, the irresistible force has met an immovable resistance — to quote an old saying — and the result can be explosive.

In almost any case, the semisquare should be considered as signifying the type of relationship which means dynamic action. His life was one in which he had constantly to engage the facts of existing situations, not merely plan or be aware of them.

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His life Sun and Moon , his most personal and emotional nature Venus and Mars were involved in semisquare relationships to big world issues Neptune and Pluto. In Russian revolutionist Leon Trotsky's chart , Saturn is in degree relationship to Pluto, both planets retrograde on either side of the midheaven; Venus is in semisquare to the Sun on either side of the nadir. An interesting instance of semisquare activity is found where a planet is in the center of the square aspect of two other planets.

We cannot speak authoritatively of Ford's personal character, but this square could be said to denote the interplay of an inventive Uranus and a critical sense of value; it certainly produced new procedures of activity and changed social values all over the world, besides bringing him great wealth. The strong Leo Sun at the center of the square intensely energizes the planning and technique, forcing the concept into sharp, almost ruthless, concrete activity assembly line, mass production, etc. In steel magnate Andrew Carnegie's chart , we find also a square Saturn to Neptune bisected by Venus — which, thus, acts as a focusing power, rousing intense activity and producing value that is, in our modern world, money.

In this case, Jupiter and Saturn are planets indicative of a social consciousness in a state of reorganization and radical transformation — a meaning stressed by the Neptune-Pluto square which characterized his immediate generation. The Moon-Uranus conjunction, as it makes its semisquares, rouses an imaginative, original way of forcing social issues into the open — and humor is a very effective way of clearing the ground for social changes!

The semisquare represents the eighth part of the whole circumference; it is interesting to note that the number 8 has always been associated in ancient symbolism with the Sun or any solar power or being. It becomes difficult to even want to change because the individual can too easily rely upon the energy of the sextiles. After 99 chances have passed, God takes over, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and makes the decision for you.

The Apex becomes activated. Once activated, the individual completely changes, even the appearance is not the same. With this occurs, the individual often wonders why it took so long to accept the change. Their life becomes dominated by the energy of the Apex planet. I dissect the inconjuncts in the Yod using his interpretations. Read what Alan says about the Mars inconjunct and the difficulty expressing anger appropriately. I am certain that you are asking about the Contraquindecile that everyone now calls as the Quindecile. That Aspect Natally causes a lifelong obsession, and in transit or progression causes a passing one.

I do not know what you mean by Transpluto. Transit Pluto? So if you have Venus Contraquindecile Pluto then ask yourself objective thinking, is, objectively, impossible, in Shakta philosophy, at least, but try your best if you have an obsession associated with an upheaval or emotional crisis influencing a desire or relationship. If the matter is in transit then it will pass and you had likely best let it pass. I am amazed by the explanations of the semi-sextile..

I thought these are useful but turns out that is blocked energy; I have saturn semi-sextile moon,uranus,neptune. What is the block in here? Oh and I cannot find the meaning of my sun sesqui-quadrate ascendant anywhere! Also have moon sesqui-s jupiter, mercury sesisqu NN, jupiter sesqui neptune…. I found out about bi-q and quintiles- I have mars bq jupiter and venus quintile chiron and I know the meaning of these. Also mars inconjunct MC.

MAYA : It would be impossible for me to analyze various aspects, especially ones that I rarely use. To be honest, I would not worry about these little aspects and I do not use them in my readings. There are so many other aspects to consider — — — 90! The aspect is very much like the but I only use and other minor aspects in transits when there are no major aspects occurring during the year. Could you provide your insight on a configuration involving a trine, septile, and quintile pattern triangle?

This is an exceptionally fortunate pattern, because the natural ease of the trine is enhanced with the remarkable creativity and talent of the quintile, and charged with the sense of destiny or divine purpose implied by the septile. There is an indication of great potential for creativity, growth and accomplishment within this pattern. JEN : When I was first studying astrology, I would observe the patterns but I no longer to this, except for the traditional ones. I pay more attention to the individual aspects and what they mean.

And, It is impossible for me to visualize what you are describing. Most likely, I would look at the individual aspects and made an interpretation of each one. Septiles need a balance with Quintiles — ups intelligence and inventiveness. Another interesting website. I am conjunctly experiencing transiting Uranus, Pisces, 5th house inconjunct my natal Mars, Scorpio, 12th house.

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Is the adjustment about integrating the revolutionary changes I am experiencing with the transit of Uranus through my 5th house with the restrictions and limitations of having Mars in a fixed sign in the 12th house? PETER : We can always integrate but the aspect is about not getting drawn into problems that are not our own or they become BAD aspects — problems about which you can do nothing but react to circumstances.

I presumed that you were asking about a transit. What I said applies to a transits or progressed aspect, not natal. Name required. Mail not published required. Textile help. Lynn's monthly horoscope column. Lynn Koiner - Astrological Research.

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Observations in Progressions and Transits— as well as some natal considerations. NOVILE 40 degrees A waiting in anticipation influence; you feel in a limbo state as you wait for a transition to occur. Filed in General Astrology. Also mars inconjunct MC But really hoping u can give an insight on semi-sextiles and sesqui-quadrates, thanks. There are actually 4 Liliths so I have no idea when one you use. And, I do not use it.

Sorry that I cannotbe more helpful. It was helpful! Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Lynn Koiner Says: Feb 13, PM PETER : We can always integrate but the aspect is about not getting drawn into problems that are not our own or they become BAD aspects — problems about which you can do nothing but react to circumstances. I had a terrible accident and I cannot see what caused it.