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Watkins makes an annual list of "the Most Spiritually Influential Living People,", published online and in the spring issue of their magazine; the three main factors used to compile the list are that the person has to be alive, the person has to have made a unique and spiritual contribution on a global scale, the person is googled , appears in Nielsen Data and is talked about on the Internet.

Official website. Multiple citizenship Multiple citizenship, dual citizenship, multiple nationality or dual nationality, is a person's citizenship status, in which a person is concurrently regarded as a citizen of more than one state under the laws of those states. Conceptually, citizenship is focused on the internal political life of the state and nationality is a matter of international dealings.

There is no international convention which determines the nationality or citizenship status of a person; this is defined by national laws, which can vary and can conflict. Multiple citizenship arises because different countries use different, not mutually exclusive, criteria for citizenship. Colloquial speech refers to people "holding" multiple citizenship but, each nation makes a claim that a particular person is considered its national; some countries do not permit dual citizenship.

This may be by requiring an applicant for naturalization to renounce all existing citizenship, or by withdrawing its citizenship from someone who voluntarily acquires another citizenship, or by other devices. Some countries do not permit a renunciation of citizenship. Some countries permit a general dual citizenship while others permit dual citizenship but only of a limited number of countries. Most countries which permit dual citizenship may still not recognize the other citizenship of its nationals within its own territory.

For example, in relation to entry into the country, national service, duty to vote, etc, it may not permit consular access by another country for a person, its national. Some countries prohibit dual citizenship holders from serving in their militaries or on police forces or holding certain public offices. Up until the late 19th century, nations decided whom they claimed as their citizens or subjects, did not recognize any other nationalities they held. Many states did not recognize the right of their citizens to renounce their citizenship without permission, due to policies that originated with the feudal theory of perpetual allegiance to the sovereign; this meant that people could hold multiple citizenships, with none of their nations recognizing any other of their citizenships.

Until the early modern era, when levels of migration were insignificant, this was not a serious issue. However, when non-trivial levels of migration began, this state of affairs sometimes led to international incidents, with countries of origin refusing to recognize the new nationalities of natives who had migrated, when possible, conscripting natives who had naturalized as citizens of another country into military service; the most notable example was the War of , triggered by British impressment of American seamen who were alleged to be British subjects into naval service.

In the aftermath of the Fenian Rising , Irish-Americans who had gone to Ireland to participate in the uprising and were caught were charged with treason , as the British authorities considered them to be British subjects; this outraged many Irish-Americans, to which the British responded by pointing out that, just like British law, American law recognized perpetual allegiance.

As a result, Congress passed the Expatriation Act of , which granted Americans the right to renounce their U. Britain followed suit with a similar law, years signed a treaty agreeing to treat British subjects who had become U. During this time, diplomatic incidents had arisen between the United States and several other European countries over their tendency to conscript naturalized American citizens visiting their former homelands.

In response, the US government negotiated agreements with various European states known as the Bancroft Treaties , under which the signatories pledged to treat the voluntary naturalization of a former citizen or national with another sovereign nation as a renunciation of their citizenship; as a result, the theory of perpetual allegiance fell out of favor with governments during the late 19th century. With the consensus of the time being that dual citizenship would only lead to diplomatic problems, more governments began prohibiting it, revoking the nationality of citizens holding another nationality.

By the midth century, dual nationality was prohibited worldwide, although there were exceptions. For example, a series of U. Supreme Court rulings permitted Americans born with citizenship in another country to keep it without losing their U. At the League of Nations Codification Conference, an attempt was made to codify nationality rules into a universal worldwide treaty, the Hague Convention , whose chief aims would be to abolish both statelessness and dual citizenship; the Convention on Certain Questions Relating to the Conflict of Nationality Laws proposed laws that would have reduced both, but in the end was ratified by only twenty nations.

However, the consensus against dual nationality began to erode due to changes in social mores and attitudes. By the late 20th century it was becoming accepted again. Many states were lifting restrictions on dual citizenship. For example, the British Nationality Act removed restrictions on dual citizenship in the United Kingdom , the Afroyim v.

Rusk ruling by the U. Supreme Court prohibited the U. The number of states allowing multiple citizenship further increased after a treaty in Europe requiring signatories to limit dual citizenship lapsed in the s, countries with high emigration rates began permitting it to maintain links with their respective diasporas. The rights of citizenship are determined. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the most senior cleric , although the monarch is the supreme governor; the Church of England is the mother church of the international Anglican Communion.

It traces its history to the Christian church recorded as existing in the Roman province of Britain by the third century, to the 6th-century Gregorian mission to Kent led by Augustine of Canterbury ; the English church renounced papal authority when Henry VIII failed to secure an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon in The English Reformation accelerated under Edward VI's regents, before a brief restoration of papal authority under Queen Mary I and King Philip; the Act of Supremacy renewed the breach, the Elizabethan Settlement charted a course enabling the English church to describe itself as both catholic and reformed: catholic in that it views itself as a part of the universal church of Jesus Christ in unbroken continuity with the early apostolic church.

This is expressed in its emphasis on the teachings of the early Church Fathers , as formalised in the Apostles ', Athanasian creeds. Reformed in that it has been shaped by some of the doctrinal principles of the 16th-century Protestant Reformation , in particular in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer. In the earlier phase of the English Reformation there were both Catholic martyrs and radical Protestant martyrs; the phases saw the Penal Laws punish Roman Catholic and nonconforming Protestants.

In the 17th century, the Puritan and Presbyterian factions continued to challenge the leadership of the Church which under the Stuarts veered towards a more catholic interpretation of the Elizabethan Settlement under Archbishop Laud and the rise of the concept of Anglicanism as the via media. After the victory of the Parliamentarians the Prayer Book was abolished and the Presbyterian and Independent factions dominated; the Episcopacy was abolished.

Papal recognition of George III in led to greater religious tolerance. Since the English Reformation, the Church of England has used a liturgy in English; the church contains several doctrinal strands, the main three known as Anglo-Catholic and Broad Church.

Tensions between theological conservatives and progressives find expression in debates over the ordination of women and homosexuality ; the church includes both liberal and conservative members. The governing structure of the church is based on dioceses, each presided over by a bishop. Within each diocese are local parishes; the General Synod of the Church of England is the legislative body for the church and comprises bishops, other clergy and laity. Its measures must be approved by both Houses of Parliament. According to tradition, Christianity arrived in Britain in the 1st or 2nd century, during which time southern Britain became part of the Roman Empire ; the earliest historical evidence of Christianity among the native Britons is found in the writings of such early Christian Fathers as Tertullian and Origen in the first years of the 3rd century.

Three Romano-British bishops, including Restitutus , are known to have been present at the Council of Arles in Others attended the Council of Serdica in and that of Ariminum in , a number of references to the church in Roman Britain are found in the writings of 4th century Christian fathers.

Britain was the home of Pelagius. While Christianity was long established as the religion of the Britons at the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasion, Christian Britons made little progress in converting the newcomers from their native paganism. In , Pope Gregory I sent the prior of the Abbey of St Andrew's from Rome to evangelise the Angles; this event is known as the Gregorian mission and is the date the Church of England marks as the beginning of its formal history.

With the help of Christians residing in Kent, Augustine established his church at Canterbury , the capital of the Kingdom of Kent , became the first in the series of Archbishops of Canterbury in A archbishop, the Greek Theodore of Tarsus contributed to the organisation of Christianity in England. The Church of England has been in continuous existence since the days of St Augustine , with the Archbishop of Canterbury as its episcopal head. Despite the various disruptions of the Reformation and the English Civil War , the Church of England considers itself to be the same church, more formally organised by Augustine.

While some Celtic Christian practices were changed at the Synod of Whitby , the Christian in the British Isles was under papal authority from earliest times. Queen Bertha of Kent was among the Christians in England who recognised papal authority before Augustine arrived, Celtic Christians were carrying out missionary work with papal approval long before the Synod of Whitby; the Synod of Whitby established the Roman date for Easter and the Roman style of monastic tonsure in England.

This meeting of the ecclesiastics with Roman customs with local bishops was summoned in at Saint Hilda's double monastery of Streonshalh called Whitby Abbey , it was presided over by King Oswiu , who made the final ruling. The final ruling was decided in favor of Roman tradition because St. Peter holds the keys to the gate of Heaven. A theological separation had been foreshadowed by various movements within the English Church, such as Lollardy , but the English Reformation gained political support when Henry VIII wanted an a. Stone massage A stone massage is a massage that uses smooth and heated rocks placed at key points on the body.

Once the stones have heated sufficiently, some are placed onto specific points on the body and others are held by the massage therapist and used to work the muscles. Certain styles of stone massage incorporate chilled stones into the routine; these stones are marble , are placed into a bowl of iced water before use. Bamboo massage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Isabel Losada. Bloomsbury Reading Guide. Waterstones Preview. Guardian, 23 September Categories : British writers British actresses Tibet freedom activists Living people.

Steve Wright DJ. Related Images. YouTube Videos. It is located on the south bank of the River Thames, 2. Battersea Power Station. Aftermath of a V-2 bombing at Battersea, 27 January The Archbishop of Canterbury is the most senior cleric, although the monarch is the supreme governor. The Church of England is also the mother church of the international Anglican Communion. Hereford is one of the church's 43 cathedrals; many have histories stretching back centuries.

Stained glass window in Rochester Cathedral , Kent. Major repairs were done to Canterbury Cathedral after the Restoration in One of the now "redundant" buildings, Holy Trinity Church, Wensley , in North Yorkshire; much of the current structure was built in the 14th and 15th Centuries.

The Franciscans are a group of related mendicant religious orders within the Catholic Church, founded in by Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis of Assisi , founder of the Order of Friars Minor; oldest known portrait in existence of the saint, dating back to St. Francis's retreat to Subiaco — The term taiji refers to a philosophy of the forces of yin and yang, related to the moves. Yang Chengfu in a posture from the Yang-style t'ai chi ch'uan solo form known as Single Whip c. Outdoor practice in Beijing 's Temple of Heaven.

Marcantonio Raimondi engraving, 15th century. The Zodiac Man a diagram of a human body and astrological symbols with instructions explaining the importance of astrology from a medical perspective. From a 15th-century Welsh manuscript. An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies. In Abrahamic religions, angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and humanity.

The Archangel Michael wears a late Roman military cloak and cuirass in this 17th-century depiction by Guido Reni. Schutzengel English: "Guardian Angel" by Bernhard Plockhorst depicts a guardian angel watching over two children. Tibet is a historical region covering much of the Tibetan Plateau in Inner Asia. Tibetan family in Kham attending a horse festival. Rishabhanatha , the founder of Jainism attained nirvana near Mount Kailash in Tibet.

King Songtsen Gampo. It was formerly known as Bhagsu. Dhauladhar mountain range from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. John in the Wilderness Church. House where the 14th Dalai Lama was born in Taktser , Amdo. Feng shui or fengshui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

A feng shui compass luopan. A feng shui spiral at LA Chinatown 's Metro station. A traditional turtle-back tomb of southern Fujian , surrounded by an omega -shaped ridge protecting it from the "noxious winds" from the three sides. A modern "feng shui fountain" at Taipei , Taiwan. The earliest known depiction of a Siberian shaman, by the Dutch Nicolaes Witsen , 17th century. Witsen called him a "priest of the Devil" and drew clawed feet for the supposed demonic qualities. A female shaman, probably Khakas , Russian Empire , South Moluccan shaman exorcising evil spirits occupying children, Buru , Indonesia Flowering San Pedro , an entheogenic cactus that has been used for over 3, years.

Today the vast majority of extracted mescaline is from columnar cacti, not vulnerable peyote. Ayahuasca cooking in the Loreto region of Peru. Ayahuasca being prepared in the Napo region of Ecuador. Brand performs stand-up at the London Roundhouse, 25 January Brand speaking with Courtney Love in Los Angeles, Waterstones, formerly Waterstone's, is a British book retailer that operates shops, mainly in the UK and also other nearby countries.

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As of February , it employs around 3, staff in the UK and Europe. Early versions of shop signage were gold in colour. Waterstones Cirencester branch. A painting by James Pollard showing the square before the erection of Nelson's Column. The lions at Nelson's Column were not finished until nearly 30 years after the square opened. Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square. The column under construction, XII Cusp Movable Secret activities, losses, investments, expenses, comforts in travel, sleep and sex, feet and failure of organs in the body are all in growing nature.

Fixed Secret activities, losses, investments, expenses, comforts in travel, sleep and sex, feet and failure of organs in the body are all constant in nature. Immovable Secret activities, losses, investments, expenses, comforts in travel, sleep and sex, feet and failure of organs in the body are all fluctuating in nature.

On the analogy as mentioned above, the twelve signs of zodiac have their characteristic properties. It is dealt with in the next chapter. They are hereunder enlisted seriatim. LIBRA Movable and windy sign, kidney, uterus, having good voice, intelligent, quick comprehension, windy and elevated places, lifeless objects, lengthy, singular sign, semi-beneficial sign, masculine sign, main street, early morning time, persons with status, womanisers, arts such as music and drama, research, self.

These attributes of the different signs of zodiac are very general. It is important to learn to pick up appropriate ones quite judiciously, suiting to the particular individual and his query being examined. According to one classical school of astrology, the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are multi-legged signs. Sagittarius has two fore legs and 4 legs in the back while Capricorn has 4 fore legs and multiple legs in the back side. Lung is an organ of respiration, hence an airy sign Gemini would be more appropriate.

Heart, which has a non-stop functioning for the flow of blood, the liquid, could be placed in Cancer, the movable and watery sign. But Sw being the planet of generosity is the lord of the sign Leo, the house ofromance. That is why some texts mark the heart in the sign of Leo. This gender classification of signs could be used for the intrepretation of many things such as sex, beauty, physical strength, courage, potencey, agriculture etc. Sun : Paternal Father, soul, head, tusk, right eye, stiff hair, bile, body, treatment, head diseases such as head-ache, fever, sexual relationship with unhealthy or mentally disordered women, strict vegetarianism, meditational powers, the ultimate god, alloy of five metals, invaluable gem, elephant, wheat, pepper, pilgrimage, day time, light, mountain, forest, village tour etc are some of the attributes ofthe Sun.

Moon : Maternal Mother, the Supreme Goddess, Lord Ganesha, easy life, clothes, horse, sleep, duration offew days, fluctuating body structure, madness, tuberculosis, cold and cold-related diseases, left eye, eye brows, mnbrella, job, fame, wavering, pearl jewellery, bronze, butter, rice, salt, black spots in the body, farmer, washerman, choultry, flowers with good fragrance, fan, strength, bathing etc are some of the attributes of the Moon.

Rahu : Grandfather Science, grand father and paternal relationships, chemistry, physics, magic, thefts, various acting professions, cinema, profession as servants, foreign life, involving in such professions which are unfitting to his community, enchanting and conjuring magic, sexual relationship with women of ill-health, leprosy, military arms and missiles, swellings, chronic diseases, fear of poison, dangers in water, being handicapped, over-talking, gas troubles, fits, bile diseases; respiratory diseases, cut wounds, deep wounds etc are some of the attributes of the Rahu.

Saturn : Servant Lifespan, the grace of mid-night god, means ofliving, bull pen, iron, slavery, servant, agricultural fields, blue gemstone such as sapphire, carpentry, theft, soul troubles, imprisonment, punishments from the king, useless talk, shameless, sufferings, talkative, loans, immoral acts, fainting, eating out, sexual relationships with widows; handicapped or women oflow castes, living in lonely islands, eunuch, handicapped, mental instability, sexual diseases, hair, skin, nails, bile disorders, oil etc ate some of the attributes of the Saturn.

Ketu : Grandmother. Wisdom, religious matters, maternal grandparents, laser equipments,. Spouse Marriage, residence, nickname, sexual relationship with many women, attractive prostitutes, musical instruments, inclination towards traditional dances, scented flowers, various scents, bed mattresses, luxurious beds, royal ladies, beautiful women, sexual enjoyments, beauty, youth, dark eyes, wealth, vehicles, garlands, flags, gemstones, silver, shipping trade, witty speech, desires, divine prayers to the Goddess Lakshmi, exuding charm to general public, friendship, cows, milk, curd rice, lead metal, divine women, air and sea voyages etc are some of the attributes of the Venus.

These bhavas carry specific well-defined attributes covering alfthe aspects of our life and environ. It is understandable that the characteristics ofthe planets will be influenced on account of their placement in these different bhavas. An illustrative list of planetary characteristics in different bhavas in which the said planet or its stars appear is presented in the following: Sun Bhava Characteristics ofSun in different bhavas 1 Elegant structure, pride, strong bones in the body, prestigious activities, administration capacity, leadership quality, status, self-prestige, executive responsibility.

Mars Bhava Characteristics of Mars in different bhavas 1 Brave acts, angry, impertinent, selfishness, excessive heat in the body, rough exterior, unyielding, shorttempered, never accepting to other's opinions, arrogance, pride, self-praise, innnorality, insanity. Jupiter Bhava Characteristics ofJupiter in different bhavas 1 Truthful, honest, own ideas, humble, prestigious, confidence, intelligent, calm and accommodative in nature.

Kaalcflakra-Tfle Planets 39 9 Higher education, teaching education, professor, finance minister of a countty, extreme wisdom, changing conditions for religion, law and morality, religious rites, temple or church renovation works, temple trustees, manager of temple administration, leader of an embassy, exporters. Saturn Bhava Characteristics of Saturn in different bhavas 1 Sluggish, cynical, maldng decisions only after due consideration, research skill, dissatisfaction in everything, inferiority complex. Kaalcllakra-Tlle Planets 41 Mercury Bhava Characteristics of Mercury in different bhavas 1 Intelligent, quick understanding and acting accordingly, slim and attractive in appearance, capacity to assess the circumstances, witty, brisk activities, unstable in nature, skills in mathematics, thinking twice before leaping, good nervous system, cunningness.

Ke tu Bhava Characteristics ofKetu in different bhavas 1 Unpredictable in nature, unusual in appearance, slim or stooping in appearance, crafty and scheming, criminal thoughts, over-acidity in the body, greedy. Kaalchakra-The Planets 9 Research in arts, higher education, transport, function halls, extra-marital affairs, foreign ladies, lady teachers. Karakas I King Que". Krishnamoorthy has advocated not to concern about the Debilitations, Exaltations, Oppositions, Neutral details of the planets as they do not work in most of the cases.

Bhaskaran, author of this book further advises to exclude the aspects of planets also as they seem to be unscientific.

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Sun is dominant because it is a leader but Mars is arrogant because it is considered as a soldier. Please note that the above-mentioned details about the signs and planets given in the tables are to be used judiciously based only on the questions that are raised and not for all aspects of the birth charts in general. For further details please refer classical texts. If one tries to dissect the ecba11is of an apparently straightforward. A very valid conclusion may be'drawn from the foregoing that none of the cusps or bhavas acts independently i. They react on each othe1; including wesefre.

An illustrative list fa provided in the following detailing the resultant attributes of Jheaction of different bhavas, one by one, on itself and on the other bhavas. II Bhava Bhava Attributes of II bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Encashing own thoughts, money-making ideas, quick functiouing of body organs, increasing skills, speaking ones mind, independant income, show-off of power through money, 2 Great orator, increase in money-related activities, good speech skills, truthful speech, body acceptance.

Astrologies of kaalchakra 54 7 Gains through social relationships, government approvals, government subsidies through legal means, gains through others' help, partners, spouse, banks, tax evasions. Kaalchakra-Tlte Bhavas 55 IllBhava Bhava Attributes of Ill bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Recording self thoughts, bold ideas and actions, ears, nose, sensory organs of the body, blood vessels, actions of the nerve system, body strength, putting into actions what are thought, independant thoughts, exposing power.

Kaalclmkra-The Bhavas 57 12 Messages through secret acts, agreements for losing energy or body organs, losing hidden records, receiving document on given money, losing records on saved money, totally losing hidden treasures, getting informations on clandestine plans, losing assets, permanently losing given things, pennanent separation of already separated persons.

BhavaAttributes ofIV bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Manufacturing based on own ideas, bold acts, actions of producing organs in the body such as heart, chest, lungs and kidney, excessive productions in the body, doing what is planned, independant purchases, improving ones own energy and power. Kaalchakra- The Bh avas 59 10 Prestigious post as Zamindar or landlord, owners of industries, responsibte officers of government records, responsibte positions, efficient officers, person who makes officers taking oath of office for higher posts, persons with name and fame.

VBhava Bhava Attributes of V bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Own, deep thoughts, production ofliving things, excellent achievements in artistic fields, heart, chest, tungs and production of btood cells in the body, increase in immunity powers, improven1ent ofskill of imagination, independant thoughts.

VIBhava BhavaAttributes of VI bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Own ideas, disease- ridden body, successful actions, functions of body organs such as stomach, intestines and digestive organs, large reduction of immune power of body, decrease in physical actions, lack of independant functioning, improvement of work efficiency.

VIIBhava Bhava Attributes of VII bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Combined ideas, submissive, kidney, uterus and abdomen, successful partnership efforts, weakness due to excessive loss of inm1miity, increase in opposition, lack of independant actions, facing competitions, well acquainted persons. Kaalchakra-Tlle Bhavas 65 VIII Bhava Bhava Attributes of VIII bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Losing self-thoughts, body functions getting affected, wastage of produced energy, actions with struggles, blockages of body functioning, lack of body acceptance, reduction in efficiency, lack of independant actions, problems in our nomial activities, pains and sufferings, body injuries, remorseful, sorrowful, rueful, disappointments.

IXBhava B hava Attributes of IX bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Research with own thoughts, stable actions, producfd energy functioning differently, well educated, calm activities, increase in body functions, good acceptance by the body, improvement of skills, independant activities, some changes in efficiency, swellings, obesity, changes in body appearance, peacefulness, sleep, ideas. X Bhava Bhava Attributes ofX bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Business based on own ideas, excessive skill of action, increase in produced energy, business magnate, prestigious acts, troubles in body functioning, body allergy on certain food items, improving on self-power, independent actions,new changes in working methods.

XIBhava Bhava Attributes of XI bliava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Thinking more about self, excessive vitamin presence in the body, increase in greediness, self-praise, happy involvements, excellent body ftmctioning, enjoying food tastes, selfish, independant ideas, new changes in own actions, good imagination skills. XIIBhava B hava Attributes of XII bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Masochist, losing energy in the body, increase in complex of inferiority, low self-estimation, unsatisfied involvements, hurdles in body functioning, food allergy, unselfishness, hurdles in one's activities, losing skill involving imagination.

Kaalcliakra-The Bhavas 73 Making investments in desired articles, benefits through automobiles, hiding things. Facing problems, losses and shameful posajohs in every activity, comatose, things getting confiscated, impulsive running away from hometown, dilemmas, suffering losses. The significations may be categorised into i ascendant related and ii independant. Aries 75 In the same manner, the remaining significations could also be studied.

The sign Aries contains these three stars leading to the following body natures : Asliwini : Owned by Ketu Acidity and Hyper-thermal. Bliarani: Owned by Venus Sugar and Hyper-thermal. In the I house significations, it has been mentioned as active whereas in the VIII house significations it has been mentioned as inactive in nature. Does it mean that the person would remain inactive in the mornings and would be active in the nights?

It could not be so! A mixture of sudden laziness and activeness would furm the character of Aries-borns. This mixture could not be comparable to a mechanical joint of a nut and bolt but would be similar to a synergic compound. Note 2: There are million people in our globe, the Earth. Does it mean that the characters of all the possible million Aries-horns would remain as one and the same? It could not be rational; Hence, to differentiate, our ancient astrologers insisted to look for the star in which the Ase has actually fallen.

This is what we call as "Stellar astrology". KETU does not own any sign of Zodiac. According to Prof. Doing things as per selfdesires, Independant thoughts, Tendency to show the strength. VI House significations meant for I house: Self-thoughts, Disease that would lead to inactiveness, Diseasebome body, Successful actions, Active digestive organs, Lack ofimm1 1ity, Developing the skills and workmanship etc. II House significations meant for I house: Money making through self-thoughts.

Materialistic intentions, Active, Ability to express the thoughts, Show of status through money. Note 3: Now, as per the above stellar classifications, we could classify the births of probable million births in the sign Aries into three; the probable million in the Ketu Star, the million in the Venus star and the 60 million in the Sun Star.

But stil I, we need a better tool to proceed further in classification. Thus there could be 9 parts in each sign. According to this, there could be 50 Million births in a single quarter. This concept was initially popularized by Meena Shri. Later, Jothida Mannan, Shri. The advantage in this system remains in its scope of extension, by identifying the Antharaas and Sookshamas.

Hence the divisions of a single star through 9 Bhukthies Kaalamsas or Subs as called by Prof. Baskaran, Author of this book, has propounded a theory of "Cuspal Interlinks" by using the "Kaalamsas". Through cuspal interlinks, we can get ,00I, divisions of an ascendant so that we can exactly find the uniqueness of each and every horoscope. For further details kindly refer the book, "Principles of Cuspal Interlinks". In presenting the following details ,it is assumed that the cuspal points fall in consecutive houses.

Please see notes at the end of this chapter for other cases. There are certain significations that are meant for ASC but remam m he other 11 houses. Let us start studying them. It is a fixed sign. Hence the Aries asc boms will stick to their words. Since Taurus is an earthy sign, Aries asc boms will maintain intimacy in conversations. They are usually fond of natural foods like vegetables and fruits.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Hence the Aries asc boms will maintain love, affection and sweetness in conversations. They will have beautiful eyes and lips. Aries is ruled by Mars and Taurus is ruled by Venus. Hence, the Aries asc boms would like mostly to converse on these subjects; to be precise, Aries asc boms are better in delivering sexy jokes. Since Gemini, the ill sign to Aries is ruled by Mercury, the Aries asc horns would lack in mental stability. Since Gemini is an airy sign, the Aries asc horns tend to disclose confidential matters. They would be fond of undertaking shortjourneys as Gemini is a Common sign.

IV House : Cancer Aries asc horns are educated since their fourth sign, Cancer is a watery and a movable sign. They never hesitate to share their knowledge with others. They like to live in places which are cool in climate. Since it is a fixed sign, Aries-asc horns like to practice martial arts. They like vulgar and obscene dances. There may arise quarrels or misunderstandings in the course of occasions like festivals and feasts. VI House : Virgo Aries-asc horns would be consistent in the sense of dressing and would not control their diets since Virgo is a common sign.

They would like to eat greenish and natural food items. Since Mercury, the Lord of Virgo is also the lord of Gemini, i. Hence, Aries-asc boms tend to remain in the company of intelligent and active people. Hence, the Aries-asc boms would cause for fear and caution to their companions. Hence Aries-asc boms will face mental blocks and would loose their interest during higher education. They may have to continue their higher studies in more than a single institution.

They tend to show a bit of arrogance while doing higher studies. It is an earthy but a mono sign. Hence, the Aries-asc boms would gain status and confidence through helping others. They like to act independantly as per their will and wish. It is a fixed and airy sign. Hence, the Aries-asc borns tend to expect praising words. They have the capacity to fulfill their wishes. They will excel in the field of arts and culture. They aspire to work hard for achievements. Hence, the Aries-asc borns tend to have a secret and a double-sided approach in all walks of their life.

They like bedcomforts. They tend to spend more time on long-distance travels. They like to spend money on others. Taurus, the II house to Aries, is an earthy and fixed sign. Hence, the Aries asc born would be firm and clear in their financial matters.

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They will utilize money in worthy ways. Their income will have a steady and stable nature. Most f the Aries asc born will belong to the salaried class. Hence, the Aries asc born will gain through women and in the field of arts and through their attractive speech. They would also happily earn their money in a quick and short span of time in the fields of gold, diamond, costly articles, cinema and cosmetics.

If the II cusp falls in Krittiga star, which is ruled by SUN, the Aries asc born will deal in government treasury, government assets, financial institutions, financial documents, national savings, national awards stamps, government orders and valuable stones such as rubies. SUN is also the lord of V house to Aries. So the Aries asc born will gain through blue chip shares, religious and endowment service, arts, culture, sports, prostitution, religious rites, deep thoughts, intelligence, imagination skill and glamour.

If the II cusp falls in Rohini star, which is ruled by MOON, it would enable the Aries asc born to gain through frequent financial transactions, clear speech, counselling in financial institutions, costly gems like pearls and ornaments. Moon is also the lord of the IV house to Aries. So Aries asc born will gain through education and from the fields of fruits, vegetables, grain fields, farms and libraries; make gain out of leasing of ponds, lakes, and bridges.

If the II cusp falls in Mrigasira star, which is ruled by MARS, then the Aries asc born will be spendthrifts, will be dishonest in 84 4strologics ofkaalchakra financial matters to seize the properties from others and will gain from costly gems. So the Aries asc born will, i gain from self-thoughts, will have independent income and will like to exhibit financial strength; ii gain in all kinds of criminal and illegal activities like raping, harassments, thefts, robbery, defamation suits, murders, treason, bribe1y, corruption, cheatings and forgery and through magic1 wills insurance and charters; will gain in serving at accident wards, dirty places and mortuary.

It is an airy and common sign. Hence the Aries asc born will naturally have writing ability with interest in the fields of Journalism and Mass communication. Since it is a common sign, they would not be able to sustain their interest in t! Iese fields. Since it is an airy sign, their works would be appreciated by others as astonishing. Mercury, the lord of III house, would induce the Aries asc born to write anonymous letters and to sue others. Their writings will ainI to win over others. They will become authors of stories, document writers and will become clerks!

Their show of courage will be unnatural and blind. Since Mercury is a planet of dual nature, the writings of Aries asc born may require editing or rewriting. If the III cusp falls in Mrigasira star, owned by Mars, the Aries asc born will be courageous and confident, will spread false news, will forge documents and will involve in unnecessary and controversial dialogues and in unethical agreements. So the Aries asc born, Aries 85 i wm have courageous thoughts and actions, will have needed physica1 strength, will have independent thoughts, will like to exhibit their strength, will have excellent and proper functioning of blood vessels, sensory organs and nerves; ii will seize properties by threatening, will rob docmnents and notes, will sell old and obsolete goods, will write obscene letters, will enter into agreements for murder, will serve as clerk or inspector in accident or mortuary wards in hospita1s, will become doctor to postmortem of corpses or brokers for bnbery, will become infmners to anti-corruption wing, will spread illega1 news and will have unexpected mental changes.

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If the III cusp falls iri Arudra star, owned by Rabu, the Aries asc botn will become clerks in embassies, will become ambassadors or mediators, will enter into agreements with foreigners, will have notes and communication links with foreign organisations, and will dea1 with foreign goods. Rabu would act a1ike Jupiter as far as the significations of houses are concerned. If the III cusp fa1ls in the star of Punarvasu, ruled by Jupiter, the Aries asc born will deal in documents and stamps, negotiable instruments, will enter into lega1 agreements, will issue lega1 orders and notices and will spread faithful and truthful news.

Hence, the residence of Aries asc born would mostly face eastern direction and may be in the prime part of a South-North street. Their residences will be surrounded by trees and will have surplus ground water. Since it is a multi-legged sign, their residences will have multiple rooms.

Their possessions will become valuables. Since the Moon, the fastest planet, is the owner of the sign Cancer, the N House, the Aries asc born will speedily make their purchases of properties, lands, machinery and household appliances etc. They may own ponds, agricultural lands, boats;! If the N Cusp falls in Poonarvasu star owned by Jupiter, the , Aries asc born will own prope1ties without encumbrances, Will run educational institutions or macro organisations, will become owners of real-estates, will involve in production and manufacturing process of commodities like food articles, cotton, silk and turmeric goods etc..

So the Aries asc born, I will enter contracts for properties, will earn nam, through education, will become head masters or high school teachers, will involve in novel production through research, will maintain close affinity towards foreigners, will become importers, will run research centres, will induce the government to construct temples or create endowments, will manufacture organs for transplantations, will receive foreign subsidies, will become trustees of temples or protectors or care takers of ancient monuments and will work as clerks in law departments; ii Will work on secret plans, will lose physical energy, will gain secretly placed articles or treasures, will regain the articles that were lent, will have the nature of saving the articles and consolidating the ownership on properties, will have secret places for secret activities and will have reunion of separated member of the joint family.

So the Aries asc born, i will earn name and fame as honorary landlords; own small scale industries and hold responsible posts with administrative capacity. So the Aries asc born, i will have the press-publicity about their transfers, will publish books on knowledge, will confidently involve in production technology and gain information about echnical know-how, will leave the native place, will have stay on transfer orders, will exhibit mentally inclined activities. It is a fixed and fiery sign.

Hence, the first issue of the Aries asc born may be an aborted child or a child with short-temper. Since it is a fixed sign, the delivery of the first child will be difficult and mostly through caesarean. Since the 5th sign is ruled by Sun, the Aries asc born will have success in the fields of arts,music and literature.

The Aries born will show interest. If the V cusp falls in the starofMakha,ruled by Ketu, the Aries asc born will become pimps, magicians or agents on illegal professions, will deal with drugs and intoxicating materials, will enter into cheap and dirty politics with others, will be cunning in all their activities and will write stories on crime subjects and on witches and spirits.

If the V house falls in the star of Poorvapalguni, ruled by Venus, the Aries asc born will shine as stars in the fields of arts and culture, will become performer of obscene dances, may become prostitutes and will excel as orators, astrologers, pundits or politicians. So the Aries asc born, i will collect artistically valuable goods like musical records, musical instruments, ornaments, and will arrange things in artistic manner; ii will have cordial social relationships, will leave in government quarters or in gnest houses, will receive musical instruments as donations from the government, will associate themselves with voluntary or social organisations and will enter into love marriage.

If the V house falls in the star ofUttarapalguni, ruled by Sun,, added to its planetary significations, as it is the lord of the V house, the Aries asc born will become share brokers, priests and registrar of marriages; will be fond of sports; write poems, stories, run sports centres, show excessive interests in sexual pleasure and will associate with prostitution dens, cabaret halls, places ofreligious rituals etc.

So the Aries asc born will have intermittent and frequent health problems.

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Since the lord of Virgo is Mercury, a karaka planet for nerves, blood vessels and sensory organs, health problems in these parts of body may trouble the Aries asc horns. Sun is also the lord of V house to Aries. So the Aries asc born will serve in share-brokers offices, auditoriums, sports centres, marriage registration offices, prostitution homes and liquor bars, will chant Vedic mantras, will manufacture sports goods and may become pimps, or proof-readers of books on arts and culture.

Moon is also the lord of N house and hence the Aries asc born will work in the fields of lands, vehicles, buildings, macro organisations, food processing, live stock, education, house hold appliances and furniture, will work for daily wages and will become stage managers of music concerts. So the Aries asc born, i will have self-thoughts, will suffer due to diseases in digestive system and to remain as inactive, will have success through activities, lack the power of immunity, will become dependant in activities, will improve their working capacity.

It is a movable and airy sign. Hence spouses of Aries asc born will be clever and will carry self. They are dynamic with their natural talents. They are always active. Since it is a masculine sign, their appearance will be blended with masculinity. The spouses of Aries asc horns will not stay far behind to their husbands in their public and social fife. Since Libra is owned by Venus, spouses of Aries asc horns would appear beautiful. They tend to carry excessive sexual desires.

They would often meet with women customers in their business. They may suffer due to body pains and mental stress. So the Aries asc born, 92 Astrologies of kaalcliakra will have collective thoughts, will listen to the words of others, will suffer due to problems in Kidneys, Uterus and lower abdomen regions, will gain success in joint ventures, will face increasing opposition and will lack independence in actions.

Rahu would act like Jupiter in the case of house significations. So the Aries ascborn, i will often meet with leaders, foreigners, exporters, judges, priests, trustees and teachers and socially down trodden people. It is a watery and fixed sign. The Aries asc born will meet with accidents due to heavy rains or in floods or at bridges or at ponds and wells. Since this sign is owned by Mars, accidents and dangers would be caused by fire or by red coloured articles and may be due to production of excessive heat.

Accidents and dangers may be caused by short-temper, arrogm1ce and anger of the Aries born. If the VIII house falls in the star of Vishakha, ruled by Jupiter, the Aries asc born will be punished by law, will do illegal activities and will disobey rules and regulations.

If the VIII house falls in the star of Anuradha, ruled by Saturn, the Aries asc born will face disrespect, will be annihilated, will be threatened, will threaten, will abscond, will become cowards, will suffer due to loss of memory, will face false allegations, cruel accidents, will modify old goods and will involve themselves in cruel acts.

If the VIII house falls in the star of Jyeshta, ruled by Mercury, the Aries asc born will face troubles by way of cheques, negotiable instruments, documents, electrical and telephone connections, agreements, surety, anonymous letters, forgetfulness and neurological disorders. So the Aries asc born, i will have notorious press publicity, will write books on criminology, will spread rumours, will make mistakes in accounting, will suffer due to forgetfulness, will face adverse remarks in service matters, Will face troubles in the services as clerk, in taking tenders, in writings and communications and will suffer due to deteriorations in body organs.

It is a dual and a common sign. Hence, the Aries asc born may study two different types of courses. To go for higher education, they may have to change their places of residence. Since it happens to be a fiery sign, their character and appearance would not match to their studies. Since Jupiter is the lord of this sign, their profession may not be related to their studies. Aries asc born will excel in research fields and in higher studies and at foreign countries. They may become professors, financial controllers of countries, temple Aries 95 trustees and ambassador in embassies, exporters and the trend setters in the fields of law, religion and discipline of the society.

Ifthe IX house falls in the star ofMoola, ruled by Ketu, the Aries asc born would become judges in criminal courts, would study criminology and forensic science, will investigate crimes, will become archaeologists, will train subversive elements, will illegally export and import goods and will carry subversive activities in foreign countries.

Ketu would act like Mercury as fur as the significations of houses are concerned. So the Aries asc born, i will get due press publicity about celebrations and happy occasions, will publish books on information and communication, research and education, will spread news, will show interest in mathematics, will have good power of memory, will exchange properties and will undertake works within their capacity; ii will become supervisor in competitive examination centres, will suffer due to increase in hereditary disorders or due to side effects of medicines or due to excessive intake or due to acidity, will become nurses or medical lab technicians, will undertake joint ventures in medical research, will have illegal affairs in research fields, will sign mutual agreements in international bodies and will be offered with employment on the grounds of legal heirships.

If the IX house falls in the star ofPoorvashada,ruled by Venus, the Aries asc born will involve in the research of artistic fields, will study higher education and automobile engineering, will become decorators of marriage halls and halls of feast and will have illegal affairs with foreigners or teachers. So the Aries asc born, 96 Astrologies of kaalchakra i will talk decently and adjustably, will get ancestral gold and goods, will get money as donations, and will receive costly gifts.

If the IX house falls in the starofUttarashada,ruled by Sun, the Aries asc born will be interested in the fields C'freligion, higher education, embassies, government research centres, finance departments and international organisations. Sun is also the lord of V house to Ari es. So the Aries asc born will undertake religious endowments or pilgrimage, will have religious faiths, will get cured fium diseases by god's grace and will get relieved fium service.

Hence, the professional life of Aries asc born would always progress upwards. They may become office assistants in the departments of police, military and corporate companies. They would come up in their life fium the lower status and will respect the feelings of subordinates. They may also deal in old goods. If the X house falls in the starofUttarashada, ruled by Sun, the Aries asc born will become higher officials and will hold honorary posts, will be in government service and will be able to work in industrial centres or industrial training institutes, employment exchanges and trade centres organised by the government.

Sun is also the lord of the V house to Aries. Moon is also the lord of the N house to Aries. So the Aries asc born will manufacture goods, would. If the X house falls in the star of Dhauishta, rulecf by Mars, the Aries asc born will handle fire in their profession, will become administrative officers in the departments of police and military, will act on responsible capacity, will be accountable for government documents and will be in the fields of lands and houses. So the Aries asc born, i will use their own ideas in their professional fields, will be over enthusiastic in their profession, will become industrialists, will undertake honorary and prestigious ventures, will suffer due to malfunctioning of the body, will increase their power, will be capable of acting independently and will make modem changes in their professional fields.

Hence the Aries asc boms tend to carry long-term ambitions. Since it is also an airy sign, they carry a higher degree of expression of their talents and they are greedy for name and fame. They never get satisfied at any particular point. False satisfactions are common among many Aries asc born. They will have friendships or relationships with liars, lazy and undisciplined people; and they may also purchase properties with litigations.

So the Aries asc born, i Will always think about themselves, will have excessive percentage of vitamins in the body, will have increasing desires, will be fond of name and fame, will have a high sense of taste, will be selfish, will have independent opinions and will have the ability of imagination. Rahu would act like Jupiter as far as the significations of houses are concerned.

If the XI house falls in the star of Poorvabadra,ruled by Jupiter, the Aries asc born will fulfil their legitimate desires through lawful means; will have friendships and relationships with truthful and sincere people.

So the Aries asc born, Aries 99 i Will have links with social service institutions and higher officials, will undertake voluntary service, will become polygamists, will undertake foreign journeys of their choice, will study the course of their choice, will have international links and agreements of their choice and will involve in research fields. It is a watery sign. Hence, the bed comforts would be pleasant to the Aries asc born.

Since it is also a common sign, they may have to visit other states frequently. Since Jupiter is the lord of this sign, the Aries asc born will have an inclination towards research, and may have illegal affairs and international and inter-state contacts etc. They will have secret disturbances through law, will get into income-tax raids, will be imprisoned, will print fake currency and will undertake jobs of secret financial reviews. If the XII house falls in the star ofUttarabadra, ruled by Saturn, the Aries asc born will take secret revenges, will hoard things, will avoid things, will plan secretly, will do adulterations and smugglings and will secretly involve in indecent acts.

So the Aries ascbom, i Will secretly hold responsible posts and will undertake jobs with heavy workloads and dual natured jobs. If the XII house falls in the star of Revathi ruled by Mercury, the Aries asc born will invent micro instruments through research, will keep secret notes, photographs, documents and accounts, will enter into secret agreements and will not hesitate to do adulterations.

So the Aries ascbom, i Will lose their physical energy, will get notorious publicity in the press, will have breach of agreements, will face troubles in information and communications, will sell books, will block information, will make mistakes in accounts, will lose power of memory and will become sellers.

For example, in a few charts of Aries asc born, the fourth and fifth cusp may fall in Cancer itself. The star lord of the V house will be Mercury in these cases. If so, we may have to draw predictions by considering the planetary and Bhava significations of the Planet Mercury. Note 2: The traditional followers may appropriately include the residential bhava significations of planets for further predictions.

Note 3: Method of using Sublord or Subsublord. If Mercury, the ASC sublord resides in the star of Moon, in stead of using rule ii , note down the cuspal points, to which Moon is the cuspal sublord. KB method iv The above rule could extensively be used for subsubs as better replacement to the subs.

However, the accuracy of subsubs would depend on the accuracy of software, birth time and place of birth. Hence, care has to be taken in using "Subsubs". It is an Earthy sign: Affinity towards family and friends, public relations, well structured body and obedient.

It is a house of Venus: More sexual interests, fond of cosmetics, watery in body structure, costumes and jewellery and good physique 3. It is a Fixed sign: Static in structure and nature. It is the Second sign of Zodiac: Fond of money, gold and valuable articles; greedy. In the same manner, the remaining significations could also be interpreted.

VI House : Libra Workers in the fields of arts and culture, tailors, servants in vegetable and fruit shops and the fields of hardware and paints: they will suffer from diabetes. VII House : Scorpio Collective thoughts and listening to others; kidney, uterus, diseases in the lower parts ofstomach,successfuljoint ventures; weakness caused by lack ofinm1mrity, increasing oppositions and inability to act independently; well known persons; face oppositions resulted by their own deeds.

The sign Taurus extends over for three stars leading to the following body natures: Krittiga :Owned by Sun - High calcium content and hot body. Rohini : Owned by Moon - Surplus blood and water in the body. Mrigasira : Owned by Mars - Muscular and hyper-thermal body. Sun is the lord of N house to Taurus: So we will also have to take into account the N house significations of Sun.

Let us study the Ase related significations of the remaining I I bhavas to Taurus. Their conversations would mostly centre on informations and communications, documents and records etc. Hence Taurus asc boms will not generally stick to their words. They would frequently change their stands in their negotiations with only a low percentage of truth in what they say. They tend to talk as if they know everything under the sky. They carry a desire to change their residences often. Since Cancer is a watery and movable sign, they have wavering minds. Doubting natured Taurus asc born tend to confuse them.

Their mind would always hang around development of properties, lands and houses etc. Since Cancer is a house owned by Moon, the Taurus asc born would have speedy mind fluctuations and would lack mental stability and balance. Since Leo is a fixed and fiery sign, the behaviour of Taurus asc borns would not confirm to their education. They may have to face many hardships during their primary education. Since Leo is a sign owned by Sun, the Taurus asc born will get a good chance for educational scholarships from the government.

Diseases in the blood cells would be common among Taurus asc borns. Hence the Taurus asc born is flexible and tends to carry fluctuating interests in the fields of arts and culture. Since Virgo is a sign owned by Mercury, the Taurus asc borns will have multiple love affairs, will be interested in more than a single field of arts and culture and they may become mathematicians. Taurus asc born is easily prone to contagious diseases.

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The VI house Libra is a movable and airy sign; so Taurus asc born will easily recover from illnesses; they are prone to respiratory disorders and gastric ulcer etc. Since Libra is owned by Venus, inspiration to success could be gained through women, diseases may be caused by women, vegetables; diabetes may be a common disease among the Taurus asc horns. VII House : Scorpio ,Since the VIII house of the Kaalchakra is the VII house to Taurus asc horns, they tend to increase enmities; they are shy of talking to the opposite sex; they are prone to tension and fear; the Taurus asc horns are problematic people and would create problems with their life partners.

Scorpio, the VII house is a wate1y and fixed sign. Hence the Taurus asc born has excessive production of sperms with more sexual interests; they are flexible towards others but would commit to fimJ decisions. Since it is a house owned by Mars, the Taurus asc born will have the company of arrogant people and subsequently would face mental agony and financial losses through them. Hence they will face hardships in continuing their higher education like suspension or dismissal from colleges etc.

Since the VIII house is a common and fiery sign, they may meet with accidents at crowded places, or may be due to animals, or fire. They tend to attempt suicides by charring themselves due to loss of prestige in their higher education. Since it is a house owned by Jupiter, the Taurus asc boms may be punished by courts oflaw and would be troubled by people belonging to higher social strata; damage to their prestige may be caused by children. Hence, the Taurus asc born will get status through education. They may lead educational institutions. They will excel in higher education. They may get professional assistance through their illegal affairs.

IX house is Capricorn. It is a movable sign. Hence speedy progress in higher education would be possible to the Taurus asc born. Since it is also an earthy sign, they will serve with their education for the benefit of the society. Since it is a house owned by Saturn, they will study long term courses. Education in the fields of science and technology would suit to their interests. Hence, the Taurus asc boms would like to hold honorary posts. They tend to show off their self-pride and will have job satisfactions.

Since their X house Aquarius is a fixed sign, they carry AstroliJgics of kaalchakra permanent social relations. Since it is an airy sign, their status would grow day by day. Since it is a house owned by Saturn, they may have to earn status only after a prolonged struggle.

They tend to like cheap publicity and carry false status. Pisces, their XI house is a watery and common sign. So the Taurus asc boms tend to change their interests according to changing circumstances. They will struggle and win in their chosen fields and circumstances with high fluctuations. Jupiter is the lord of their XI house. Hence they will gain legally and in the fields of religion and philosophy. Since Jupiter also happens to be the lord of 8th house, such gains would come unexpectedly XII House : Aries Since the first house of Kaalchakra is the XII house to Taurus, the Taurus asc boms will not show their natural face and would never hesitate to carry-out secret plans, subversive acts, adulteration and forgery etc.

They will go to any extent to fulfil their personal desires. Since Aries is a fiery and movable sign, the Taurus asc boms will have deceiving and cruel mind; they will maintain intimacy with officials and secret persons. Hence, the Taurus asc boms would make financial gains in the fields of information, communication, writings, agreements, cheques, money-order and documents etc.

Gemini is a common sign. Hence the Taurus asc boms would not have a steady flow of income. Since it is an airy sign, the Taurus asc boms could make their earnings in a speedy way. But in the same speed, they would spend all their income. They could earn in installments. They can earn through greenish articles, costly micro in truments, cheques and negotiable instruments. They will make money with their ability of witty and descriptive speech and mimicry. If the II hous. So the Taurus asc boms will, i make profits through spouse and relatives, government recognition, government subsidy, assistance fium others, partnerships, banks and by tax evasions.

If the II house falls in the star ofArudra, ruled by Rahu, the Astrologies of kaalchakra Taurus asc boms will talk generously and decently in financial matters, will have foreign exchange, will avail foreign scholarships or aids, will guide foreigners and will keep the money of foreigners.

Ralm would act Iike Jupiter as far as the significations of houses are concerned. If the II house falls in the star of Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter, the Taurus asc boms will deal in treasuries, gold articles, jewellary and banks and will be honest and sincere in financial matters. So the Taurus asc boms will, i make money through hard labour under severe working conditions and at dirty places, will earn as bribe money in mortuary and accident wards, will earn through harassments and all kinds of anti-social activities and will gain in insurance policies or wills and charters and magic; ii gain through greedy nature and in easy and happy means, romance, societies, fmtunes, success, achievements, entertainments, friends and through cordial speech; they could make money through means of their choice.

Hence the Taurus asc borns will produce documents for vi IIage common lands and for unclaimed properties without legal heirs. They will deal in the fields of education, lands,houses, vehicles, machinery etc. They will maintain good relationships with advertisers, representatives and agents. Since Cancer is a watery and movable sign; they may acquire water reservoirs, bridges or irrigation tanks etc through lease. They can also make profits out of them. Since it is a sign owned by Moon, the Taurus asc be mster.

Taurus ""'j 1. If the ill house falls in the star of Punarvasu, ruled by Jupiter, the Taurus asc borns will deal in documents, stamps, cheques of huge amounts, will negotiate iri financial matters, will be truthful in communications, will enter into legal agreements and will-get communications by way of government orders and legal notices. So the Taurus asc borns will, i seize properties by humiliating others, will steal notes, will sell old goods, will write obscene and threatening letters, will have mental depressions, will work as clerks " 1 accident wards, will become inspectors of mortuary,.

If the ill house falls in the star of Pushy am, ruled by Saturn, the Taurus asc borns will become afraid of negotiations and communications, undertake frequent short journeys, prefer to walk long distances, frequently change themselves, write anonymous letters and forge documents. So the Taurus asc boms will, A strologics of kaalchakra i enter into confident and honest agreements, will have name and fame, will exchange money, will become certified in higher education, will receive orders of leaderships, will enter into agreements of research, will make friendships with foreigners and will establish international contacts, will send messages, will negotiate in religious endowments and practices, will become clerks in law departments, will act as mediators, will take lease of temple properties and will involve in the transplantations of organs; ii receive orders for honorary posts, will do business through status, will show responsibility in counselling, will be appreciated for their administrative capabilities and will get needed publicity through their name and fame.

If the III house falls in the star of Aslesha, ruled by Mercury, the Taurus asc boms will be able to write stories and articles, will become document writers, registrars, clerks, postmen, communicators, electricians, ambassadors, advertisers, proof readers and tax collectors and will lack stability in mind. So the Taurus asc horns will, i excel in their writings, will act according to writings, will receive things in their mind and will write truths; ii deal in share markets, will write about politics, religion, sports and romance, will improve their intelligence, will excellently write love letters, will have permanent physical attraction and will spread news about religious rituals.

Hence the Taurus asc horns tend to dwell in places near maternity homes, temples, and child care centres etc. Since Leo is a fiery and a fixed sign, the Taurus horns tend to dwell in congested places or in a compound of houses. They 'Tau;. Their houses may lack thermal protection. The walls of the houses may have a few cracks and at times may collapse.

Since it is a house owned by Sun, they may live in the houses of government officials or near government staff quarters. They may encroach village common lands, will be in possession of government vehicles and machine1y, will study in government institutions and will deal with government departments of forest and hills, housing and transport. If the N house falls in the star of Makha, ruled by Ketu, the Taurus asc boms will purchase properties with litigations, will seize properties through cheatings, will prepare spurious or substandard goods, drugs and intoxicating materials and will possess ancient and archaeologically valuable goods.

Ketu would act like Mercury, as far as the significations of houses are concerned. So the Taurus asc boms will, i purchase costly and valuable articles like gold ornaments, 'will construct bungalows and will excessively keep things in store; ii deal in company shares, will produce artistically rare goods, will become trainers at sports or religious centres, will deal in auditoriums, marriage halls and prostitution homes. If the N house falls in the star of Poorvapalguni, ruled by Venus, the Taurus asc boms will live in palaces with greenish flower gardens, manufacture cosmetic goods, glass ware, plastics, produce films and run institutions of arts and automobiles.

If the V house falls in the star ofUttarapalgnni, ruled by Sun, besides its planetary significations, by being the lord of the IV house would enable the Taurus asc borns to involve in farming and cattle developments, deal in stationeries and papers for educational institutions, deal in groceries, produce furniture, machineries and hardware materials for construction industry.

Hence the Taurus asc borns will have unhealthy children; they may have to raise loans or to face court cases on behalf of their children. It is an earthy and common sign; so the Taurus asc borns will show excessive affmity towards their children; but they would not live together with their children for long. The V house is owned by Mercury.

Hence the Taurus asc borns will have more than a single child. Their children may be intelligent and will excel in conversations. The Taurus asc borns will become good singers, comedians, debaters, commission agents and trainers of arts, drawings, sculptures and musical instruments. If the V house falls in the star of Uttarapalguni, ruled by Sun, the Taurus asc borns will have success in the fields of arts, music and literature. The Taurus asc borns will show interest in the fields of politics and sports, will be invited for government feasts, festivals and sports events and will deal in government subsidy etc.

Sun is also the lord of the IV house to Taurus. So the Taurus asc borns will have high level of immunity, will act for training in arts, will prepare nutritions food, will do cattle development Taurus and live stock, will manufacture musical instruments, will become cosmeticians, journalists, film producers and stage managers of dance and music concerts.

If the V house falls in the star of Hastha, the Taurus asc boms will perform character or youthful roles in dramas and cinemas, will become poets, thinkers, will be blessed with intelligent children, wiU associate themselves with recreation clubs and will have pleasant and cordial married life. Moon is also the lord of the III house to Taurus.

So the Taurus asc borns will get press publicity about their artistic performances, will publish books on arts, will involve in the field of advertising, will enter into agreements for artistic performances and will be intelligent and imaginative in performing arts. If the V house falls in the star of Chitra, ruled by Mars, the Taurus asc born will be arrogant in copulation, will perform obscene dances, will be atheists and will like martial arts and boxing.

So the Taurus asc boms will, i have cordial relationships with society, will live in government staff quarters or guest houses, will receive musical instruments as donations, will marry lover, will join with partners and will associate with voluntary organizations.