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ARIES March April 19 : Climbing mountains has been a popular adventure since the nineteenth century, but there are still many peaks around the world that no one has ever ascended. If there are any Aries mountaineers reading this horoscope who have been dreaming about conquering an unclimbed peak, will be a great time to do it, and now would be a perfect moment to plan or launch your quest. As for the rest of you Aries, what's your personal equivalent of reaching the top of an unclimbed peak?

The creator himself was not present at the Oscar ceremony to accept his award, however. He was so convinced his song would lose that he stayed home.

At the moment that presenter Barbra Streisand announced Eminem's triumph, he was asleep in front of the TV with his daughter, who was watching cartoons. In contrast to him, I hope you will be fully available and on the scene for the recognition or acknowledgment that should be coming your way sometime soon.

But when it's motivated by the desire to eat, it may swoop and dart at a velocity of miles per hour. In accordance with your astrological omens, Gemini, I propose that we make the peregrine falcon your spirit creature for the next three weeks.

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I suspect you will have extraordinary speed and agility and focus whenever you're hunting for exactly what you want. So here's a crucial question: what exactly do you want? The meteorological name for the phenomenon is "sunshower," but folklore provides other terms. Hawaiians may call it "liquid sunshine" or "ghost rain. Whatever you might prefer to call it, Cancerian, I suspect that the foreseeable future will bring you delightful paradoxes in a similar vein. And in my opinion, that will be very lucky for you, since you'll be in the right frame of mind and spirit to thrive amidst just such situations.

LEO July Aug. Meanwhile, research by the National Institute of Health concludes that among heterosexual couples, 36 percent of husbands misperceive how frequently their wives have orgasms. I bring this to your attention in order to sharpen your focus on how crucial it is to communicate clearly with your closest allies. I mean, it's rarely a good idea to be ignorant about what's going on with those close to you, but it'll be an especially bad idea during the next six weeks. When workers finished its construction in , it was one of the world's most earthquake-proof buildings, designed to hold steady during an 8.

Over the course of , Virgo, I'd love to see you erect the metaphorical equivalent of that unshakable structure in your own life. The astrological omens suggest that doing so is quite possible. And the coming weeks will be an excellent time to launch that project or intensify your efforts to manifest it.

How did he select that alias? Zodiac Sign Aquarius by Yuhon. Aquarius by Vinyl-Disco. Aquarius by Cynnarafly.

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Aquarius by chib. Aries Sun Aquarius Moon by deviantmike Alvian by Losenko. Aquarius by fireillisa. Your Thoughts What is your horoscope sign? Do you read your monthly horoscope? If you do read your horoscope, do you trust or follow its advice? Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. LyraOmbrelune Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Aquarius 2. When I find it in a magazine I read magazine like every six month I don't trust, it is pure coincidence when it corresponds which never happened. Jezhawk Professional General Artist.

Thanks for the feature!! I occasionally check my progression and transit charts because they're far more accurate than horoscopes 3. I do trust it's advice, but at the end of the day I believe in free will, astrology and other forms of divination are merely helpful tools and shouldn't be solely relied upon for all decisions. Sometimes 3. Joannam88 Hobbyist Photographer. That is one hell of a post!!! I even found my new future tattoo!

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Thanks you for it! Jorschach Hobbyist Artist.

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Aquarius : 2. Sometimes they seem completely accurate, but sometimes I wonder if it just wasn't meant for me that day I actually like to read them after my day is over to see how accurate it was because I feel like reading it in the morning can really change your "naturally" set mindset for the day. JukeboxJude Student Traditional Artist.

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Aquarius-Pisces Cusp 2. Happpyhollar Hobbyist Digital Artist. Not really. They are irrelevant. I dont trust horoscope,.. Sorry, I have said random word Leo 2. Identitas dont trust horoscope. Gemini 2. I do read my horoscope every month 3. I do trust the horoscope because really describe me you should do one on the new 13 zodiac sign. And we believe you do too.

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Join us as we rewrite what true journalism can be. Rob Brezsny is the author of the nationally-syndicated Free Will Astrology , which has run in various newspapers for almost 30 years. At the age of four my training as a ninja shaman began when I was left naked and alone next to a stream of burning lava with only two safety pins, a package of dental floss, and a plastic bag full of Cheerios. My mission: to find my way to my spiritual home. What were they thinking? Time magazine asked renowned historian David McCullough if there was anything we do today that our descendants will regard as equally insane and inexcusable.

Think of some things you did when you were younger that now seem incomprehensible or ignorant.

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You may be pondering the same riddle: feeling suspicious about why you seem more relaxed and tolerant than usual in the face of plain old everyday chaos. Congrats and enjoy! What mobilizes your self-discipline and inspires you to see the big picture? I encourage you to identify those sources of high-octane fuel, and then take extraordinary measures to make them a strong presence in your life. There has rarely been a better time than now for you to do this. It could create effects that will last for years. Nothing great was ever achieved without it. LEO July Aug. Later, though, when I was back home meditating on your horoscope, I softened my attitude a bit.

The astrological omens do indeed suggest that in the upcoming weeks and months, you just might be able to learn a rather substantial skill in a relatively short time.